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Accelerate your Security and Compliance journey with a Cybersecurity Thinking Workshop

You already own the world’s most securable platform to protect your sensitive data and apps. The next step is to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the available tools to reduce risk, simplify security operations, and attain a level of security far beyond that required by your compliance audits.

Get started by participating this collaborative workshop designed to assess your current level of security and compliance, compare to best practices, address your security roadblocks, and develop a tailored solution that fits your organization.

The best part? This workshop is at no cost to you!

The Cybersecurity Thinking Workshop Experience

This tailored workshop explores your unique company processes with a high-level discussion focused on your Mainframe cybersecurity challenges.

We will start by developing an action plan to mitigate security concerns


We will catalog and prioritize your concerns so that we can subsequently develop an action plan to mitigate them. We’ll also ensure we understand your current technical and business goals around cybersecurity.

Next we will establish a list of priority cybersecurity challenges


Once the initial discovery is complete, we will establish an understanding of the high priority challenges across cybersecurity and work together to identify potential solutions to those problems.

Having a actionable plan will ensure cybersecurity best practices


You’ll then be given a deliverable that you can share with executive leadership that will provide valuable input for your Enterprise Security roadmap. You will also have direct access to practitioners who deploy these technologies on a daily basis to enable you to learn best practices from them.

This phased implementation plan will define your cybersecurity roadmap


Upon workshop completion, you will receive a phased roadmap that shows how best to move forward. The report includes quick-wins based on your priorities, dependencies and proposed timing to reach defined goals.

Workshop Schedule

Example of a typical workshop schedule. Please note that the times shown are EST (Eastern Standard Time).


Is this workshop right for my company?

We strongly believe the Cybersecurity Thinking workshop is beneficial to all Broadcom customers. Especially those that are looking to evolve in the security space or have a mature culture.

Who should attend this workshop?

•  CISO Representative / Team
•  Compliance / Audit Team
•  Manager of Mainframe Security
•  Mainframe Security Team
•  Governance Team
•  Data Owner
•  Application Owner
•  Manager of System Programmers
How many hours will I have to dedicate to the workshop? 10 hours in all, split across 3-days based on your availability and convenience.
How do I get started? Reach out to your Broadcom Account Manager or register yourself using the form and we will set up that initial briefing call with you.
Is this virtual or in-person? Currently the workshop is virtual.
Is there any pre-requisite or pre-work to be done by me for the workshop? Yes, a pre-workshop survey will be provided prior to your scheduled session.  It is strongly encouraged that you complete this survey and return it to ensure that the workshop addresses your cybersecurity needs and challenges.
Will I be charged for this? This is a no-cost offering from Broadcom to selected customers.
Do we have other customers also participating in the same workshop? No. We tailor this workshop to you and work only with one customer at a time.


Why Broadcom for mainframe cybersecurity?

Why Broadcom?

Just like you, we take security seriously and know how important it is to protect your most sensitive data from new threats. That’s why we are committed to helping our customers accelerate their Security and Compliance journey. Our team of security experts have decades of experience with security and compliance solutions in the world’s largest and most complex networks that we can apply to your unique environment.

What to learn more? Get in contact with us below to discuss how you can tap into what Broadcom has to offer.

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