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Mainframe at its Finest

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Discover the secret ingredients to serving up Mainframe at its finest by shifting from reactive to proactive operations.

Episode One:  No One Likes a Bottleneck in the Kitchen

Whether you’re putting together the perfect meal, or the perfect application experience, timing and details are everything. That requires being aware of everything that’s going on in your environment. A few minutes can make the difference between disaster and delight. Of course, the more complex the dish (or app), the harder it is to deliver the perfect experience...

Episode Two:  Does This Smell "Fishy" to You?

Ever had a bad smell in your kitchen that you couldn’t quite pin down? What if you could automatically inventory and visualize everything in your kitchen, real-time, see how ingredients come together, identify what’s missing, or surface potential sources of a problem? That’s exactly what Dynamic Topology can do for your mainframe, it helps reveal what you can't see…

Episode Three:  We Have an Egg Timer for a Reason

From restaurants and retailers to financial services and IT operations, resource shortages and inefficiencies can make it hard to keep up with growing demand and to provide optimum customer experiences. The solution is increasing automation. Learn the secret ingredients to mastering repetitive, manual tasks and increasing team efficiency …

Episode Four:  Where Should We Go Next?

“Where do you want to eat tonight?” “I don’t know, where do you want to eat?” We all know where this ends up… Whether picking a restaurant, or making a strategic IT decision, getting started is often the hardest part. Discover how you can use data from your mainframe environment to baseline current operations, identify opportunities for improvement, and track ROI over time …

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