Webinar | How to Stop Firefighting and Make Security Strategic

Day to day firefighting of enterprise security issues may cause a shift in focus away from a strategic part of your enterprise - the mainframe! The truth is that technology continues to evolve at increasing speeds and, as threats evolve and environments shift, we cannot be strategic if we are buried in the day-to-day chaos of putting out fires.

But, amidst the blazes, how can we find time to be strategic and pull ahead of the next firefight and prevent it?

That's where enterprise security planning and solutions built around a data security lifecycle can help. In this webinar, discover how you can re-evaluate your approach and reduce risk with a comprehensive strategy built on best practices. Join us and learn about the key enterprise capabilities, including mainframe, you need to have in place and the next steps for moving forward.

Register for this webinar to learn how to: 

  • Reduce threats with advanced authentication and privileged user management
  • Identify hidden risks in your data based on a governance and regulatory compliance perspectives
  • Monitor activity and determine if there is risky behavior going on that you are unaware of.

How to Stop Firefighting and Make Security Strategic

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