Mainframe Resource Intelligence Executive Report

Gain access to no-cost analyses, findings & recommendations designed to provide you the critical information needed to understand your mainframe environment & make informed data-driven decisions.

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Uncover Hidden Opportunities to Get the Most Out of Your Mainframe

The MRI Executive Report is the first step to making better data-driven decisions to optimize operational efficiencies, reduce risk and lower your total cost of operation (TCO).

Reveal Hidden Costs Derive optimal value from the mainframe and maximize the return on your platform investment.
Uncover Operational Gaps Identify opportunities to increase efficiency & mitigate risk
Prioritize Focal Areas Pinpoint and prioritize areas that need deeper examination.

It’s critical we operate as efficiently as possible. The process of optimization is relentless, continuous and labor-intensive. I see great opportunity in what CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence can do for our business…with insights that quickly reveal what is happening on our mainframe with actionable insights.

Phil Mangis VP Information Systems, Dollar Bank