Partnering to Build a Resilient Mainframe Workforce

Broadcom’s Mainframe Workforce Resiliency Programs are innovative skills development initiatives that address both short and long term talent needs, resulting in a lasting mainframe workforce. Broadcom partners with you to identify, attract, grow, and retain talent to help manage the mainframe in today’s hybrid datacenter.

Explore Mainframe Workforce Resiliency Programs

Whether you need tenured expertise for today’s challenges or new talent for the future - we have a program for you.

Vitality Residency Program Broadcom designed the Vitality Program for new-to-mainframe learners, leveraging our expertise and training assets in partnership with customers to transfer product, technical, and industry knowledge together. Learn More
Mainframe Expert Program The Mainframe Expert Program embeds professionals with deep Mainframe and Broadcom product experience into your existing ecosystem, allowing faster realization of technology investment value, quick support core business strategies, and a remedy to immediate talent needs. Learn More
Hire, train and mentor new talent with Broadcom's Vitality program

A Holistic Approach to Mainframe Talent

When faced with a lean mainframe staff, constrained budget and dozens of subsystems to manage, it is challenging to make time for training. In an environment where mainframe skills are crucial to success, building a plan for workforce resiliency is more important than ever.

Whether you need expert mainframe talent immediately, or would like to upskill or recruit new talent, Broadcom’s Workforce Resiliency Programs leverage our expertise and training assets in partnership with our customers to transfer product, technical, and industry knowledge together.

Vitality Residency Program: Journey to Becoming a Mainframer

Through Broadcom's investment, a Vitality Resident will embark on a multi-dimensional learning journey starting with training on mainframe fundamentals and Broadcom products, with experts mentoring them along the way. Next, they will partner on-site with the customer to learn their environment and unique business applications. Upon completion, the Resident is ready to start their career as a Mainframer.

The fundamentals of Mainframe

Mainframe Foundations & Product Training

Introduction and practice of Mainframe operational language, utilities, concepts and Broadcom product training.
Mentoring from technical experts drives mainframe adoption!
Fundamentals & Product Training
Partnering with technical experts to learn from and lean on.
Why not - an employee on-site to assist with building your mainframe hybrid-cloud environment...
On-site Residency
Fundamentals & Product Training
At no cost to you, the Resident joins your team to take direction from senior technicians to build knowledge about your environment.
You are now a mainframer too!
Ready for Mainframe Career
Fundamentals & Product Training
After 4 to 6 months, the Resident is ready to join your team in pursuit of a mainframe career.

Vitality Program Overview

Vitality Residency Program Course Offerings

Open to both Broadcom Vitality Residents and customer employees

Vitality Program Training Schedule

Location Course Dates Duration
North America
(Winter Cohort)
Mainframe Foundations January 2024 7 Weeks
  System Programmer Foundations March 2024 5 Weeks
  Product Training April 2024 4-6 Weeks
  Residency at Customer Location Begins June 2024 3-6 Months
North America
(Summer Cohort)
Mainframe Foundations July 2024 7 Weeks
  System Programmer Foundations Sept 2024 5 Weeks
  Product Training October 2024 4-6 Weeks
  Residency at Customer Location Begins January 2025 3-6 Months
EMEA Mainframe Foundations August 2024 7 Weeks
  Product Training October 2024 4-6 Weeks


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Mainframe Expert Program

Bringing you Mainframe Expertise and Talent for Today’s Challenges
The Broadcom Mainframe Expert Program embeds professionals with deep Mainframe experience into your existing ecosystem. You get access to best-in-class talent – trained, certified, and employed by Broadcom – working at your direction as members of your team.

How Mainframe Experts Deliver Value to Your Mainframe Ecosystem

Create Lasting Workforce Resiliency with a Combined Approach

Synergize and Succeed with a Vitality Resident and Mainframe Expert.

By pairing a Mainframe Expert with a Mainframe Vitality Resident at no additional cost, you unlock a synergistic effect for your team. Your Expert will fulfill your near-term mainframe needs while simultaneously mentoring the Vitality Resident further sharpening skill sets and preparing them for a successful career within your mainframe shop.

When the Expert’s contract concludes, you have the option to seamlessly onboard the Vitality Resident. This individual has been meticulously trained and mentored by a mainframe expert who is fully versed in your specific mainframe and systems. It's a win-win situation for your team's continuity and success.

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Finding a new Mainframer can involve a great deal of time, money, and training. With Broadcom shouldering the cost and training of a new Mainframer, our team was able to focus on coaching the Vitality resident specifically in our Mainframe environment.

Rocco Alonzi AVP Data Center Operations and Network Architecture | Manulife

We recently had 17 associates complete Broadcom’s Vitality Program. Building Mainframe skills in this manner creates a resilient workforce for Banrisul. We’re proud of the tangible skills and knowledge gained from the program.

Adilson Silveira de Souza Executive Manager | Banrisul

From my vantage point, I can see that Broadcom really cares about the industry and the space. They're really keen on trying to make sure that the platform, the environment, and the ecosystem works as intended. They're really pushing together to make sure that staff is adequately trained in the space at their expense to make sure that there are future leaders in the industry that can support the products and support necessary changes needed in the future.

Derek Powe Senior Vice President, Z-Platform | M&T Bank