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Innovations in Workload Automation

Broadcom's mainframe-based workload automation solutions play a crucial role in helping application and operations teams meet SLAs and guarantee the availability of business applications. They achieve this by automating a wide range of repetitive, labor-intensive tasks associated with application development and workload observability.

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Workload Automation Capabilities: Automate & Integrate

These solutions significantly improve your ability to coordinate and oversee all workflows related to critical business processes, regardless of their distribution across various mainframes and distributed systems, residing on-premises or in hybrid cloud environments.

Utilizing advanced analytics and service level management, you can remain well-informed and deliver exceptional services to your business. This empowers you to respond in real-time to dynamic business events, all while upholding stringent enterprise security standards, ensuring that automated tasks consistently adhere to audit compliance protocols, and an end-to-end recovery process is maintained.

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Manage Workload in a Hybrid IT Environment

Leverage agents to empower application development and operations teams to establish connections between mainframe native schedulers, distributed schedulers, and SaaS applications without the requirement for custom scripting.

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Empower Developers

Streamline the development process with the use of open APIs, which make self-service workflows and API-driven automation more accessible.

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Enhance Cross-Platform Visibility

Attain a real-time, unified workload perspective by integrating with enterprise workload automation schedulers.

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Workload Automation Resources

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Broadcom's Workload Automation solutions can help organizations manage workloads across different technologies and platforms, enable self-service for developers, and provide better visibility into workloads and SLAs.