Combine AI Technology with Domain Expertise to Augment IT Operations

The key to successful AIOps is opening access to data from every element of your hybrid IT environment to provide meaningful and actionable insights that drive trusted automation.

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Digital transformation is driving exponential growth of data, transaction volume & IT complexity.

The mainframe is built to handle these growing demands, however IT operations teams are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. Mainframe AIOps solutions from Broadcom offer a pragmatic and open architecture approach for combining big data and machine learning with domain expertise to deliver meaningful and actionable insights to incrementally augment and automate your day-to-day operations. 

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Shift from Reactive Recovery to Proactive Avoidance

A pragmatic and outcome-driven approach to AIOps enables you to incrementally augment and automate IT operations to deliver real results.


Reduce Manual Efforts

Improving IT ops efficiency by automating tasks such as data correlation, monitoring and reporting

Predict Problems Hours Sooner

More proactively detect issues & automatically trigger corrective action to prevent business impact.

Resolution Time Improvement

Reduce time to analyze cause of issues from hours to minutes.

A Pragmatic and Open Approach to AIOps

Mainframe AIOps solutions embed domain expertise to turn your data into meaningful and actionable insights that
drive trusted automation.

Incrementally augment and automate IT operations over time, building trust every step of the way.

Increase Efficiency Spend less time fighting fires and chasing down false alarms.
Open Data Access An open-first approach eases access to operational data.
Make Data-driven Decisions Prioritize efforts that will bring the biggest return on investment.
Automate with Trust AI-driven automation is implemented incrementally and trained over time.

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Gain critical insights based on your environment data to make informed decisions and prioritize your path forward.

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