Future-proof your Enterprise Reporting

Enterprise reporting tools must keep up with today’s explosive growth in data volume and variety while meeting your business needs. Easytrieve® helps you meet these challenges in a resource-efficient footprint.


Meet your most critical reporting challenges.

The new Easytrieve brings modern, efficient, and agile capabilities out of the box so your business and IT teams can put all the new features into production. Find out how to meet your critical reporting challenges.

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Modern Enterprise Reporting Insights

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Achieve greater efficiency and agility with your reporting environment.

Ever changing business requirements necessitate frequent reporting changes that drive up the cost of creating reports. Get Bloor Research's take on how the latest features of Easytrieve delivers the agility and efficiency you need to address the evolving regulatory and business landscape.

Topics covered:

  • What is it?
  • What does it do?
  • What can it do for you?

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Easytrieve Modernization Services

Broadcom offers expert advice for you to gain the most value from these new features. We’ll partner with you to transform your enterprise reporting capabilities thru our Modernization Services offering. Our experts will work with you to implement the new functions and identify the most common use cases with the greatest business impact.

Contact your Broadcom Mainframe Account Representative for more information.


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