CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ is here! Confidently store your mainframe data anywhere.

This modern data storage solution enables you to store data anywhere (cloud, tape, or elsewhere) without the need for additional hardware. It also increases confidence in data security by protecting against ransomware.


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Download and test the new features, such as cloud support, compression, and file-level encryption. All current CA 1 customers are entitled at no additional cost. Use the following Broadcom Support login:

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Store Your Data Anywhere

CA 1 Flexible Storage is the answer to all of your mainframe data storage needs. This infographic provides a high-level overview and key stats to explain the value in using this new storage solution. 

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Technical Insights Report: Mainframe Shifts in Cloud Storage UsageThe Evaluator Group, a reputable research analyst in the storage industry, completed this research study that provides insights into the current state and direction of cloud storage as it continues to evolve.

Your mainframe storage team can benefit from seeing these results.

The study answers these questions, and more:

  • To what extent is cloud storage used for mainframe data?
  • How and why are mainframe organizations using cloud storage?
  • How much mainframe data is still stored on tape and why?
  • What are the implications for your storage teams moving forward?

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CA 1™ FLEXIBLE STORAGE BRIEF CA 1™ Flexible Storage™ is a modern mainframe solution that securely stores your dataon any device you choose, including the cloud. CA 1 customers are entitled to CA 1 Flexible Storage. This software-only solution saves on costs and maintains confidence in data security. View Brief

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