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In complex IT environments, Broadcom helps you to optimize all aspects of your mainframe operations and provides an onramp for other applications to work with your mainframe. Industry leaders rely on Broadcom databases and data management solutions to serve their customers.

Proven Solutions for Data Management

Learn more about solutions to manage, protect, and leverage your most critical asset - your data.

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Db2 Suites from Broadcom will help you increase productivity, reduce costs, and much more. This infographic will feature a number of capabilities that are automatically provided with your current or next renewal.

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Why Industry Leaders Choose Broadcom for Data and Database Management

Innovation With Your Systems in Mind New innovations are part of your existing systems, making the most of your investment, without any migrations.
Comprehensive, Cost-effective Performance Drive dependable performance, throughput, and reliability across platforms with proven return on investment.
Reliable, Modern Solutions Our solutions are purpose-built for dependability and modernization, enabling you to carry out critical applications with efficiency and without concern.

Database Management Solutions That Deliver Results

When looking at the statistics, the answer is clear — Broadcom provides optimal results for your database management systems.


72% of transactional workloads occur on mainframe systems.

source Rubin Worldwide, 2022

Enterprise Storage is Growing at 27.9% annually.

source IDC, Worldwide Global StorageSphere Forecast, 2021–2025

Data volume is growing exponentially at a compound annual rate of 23% per year through 2025.

Moving select data to cloud storage can save as much as 95% of this cost each year.
source IDC Global DataSphere and StorageSphere Forecasts, 2021

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