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Broadcom’s mainframe cybersecurity platform helps you advance your mainframe security with Identity and Access Management plus Compliance and Data Protection solutions to minimize risk in today’s hybrid IT and cloud world.

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The Role of the Mainframe in a Hybrid-Cloud World

One may believe that the days of the mainframe are part of this bygone era of computing: supplanted by cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile devices. However, just as these technologies have been born, created, and evolved to become important to business operations, so has the mainframe evolved to become an indispensable part of enterprise technology strategy, from almost every important and relevant technology facet.

A 2021 survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates demonstrates the resurgence of the Mainframe as a core part of today’s hybrid IT strategy and why 87% of execs view the platform as a competitive advantage. Download the report to see how others are getting the most out of their mainframe.

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Mainframe Hosts 70%

of today’s corporate data including sensitive and regulated data like PII
source Mainframes Are Still at the Heart of the Modern Tech World, Harvey Tessler, September 29, 2015,

Stolen credentials drive 69%

of today’s insider attacks
source 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon,

Misconfiguration Caused 86%

of records breached in 2019
source Records breached in 2019, 86 percent were compromised via misconfigured assets, including cloud servers and a variety of other systems. IBM X-Force

Mainframe Protection for a Hybrid IT World

Business transformation is driving a more complex, hybrid IT environment and cloud-connecting the mainframe has created new threat vectors along with exposing new mainframe-delivered value.

The mainframe is the gold standard for IT security and is the ideal platform to handle these challenges. But in today’s environment, a re-evaluation of mainframe security to ensure your strategy addresses the entire mainframe security lifecycle is important to address the risk and compliance needs of your most vital data and infrastructure. Zero Trust makes it simple - start with everything untrusted and validate all users, apps, and devices asking for access before granting.

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Big topic for our organization is modernization. Broadcom is one of the best companies for us to work with in this area. In Mainframe security we have the ability to modernize because you have available multi-factor solutions, privileged user management and data classification tools which help us work efficiently and keep pace with changing and additional regulations.

Director, Information Security Global Insurance Organization

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CA mainframe security solutions provide us with insights and control for our ever-changing environment. We are able to detect, respond and support security events and needs at a level that brings greater benefit to the organization.

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Complementary Mainframe Security Assessment

Run a no-cost Automated Mainframe Security Health Check to quickly and simply eliminate the guesswork. Partner with us and we’ll provide tailored recommendations based on data from your environment.

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Technology Resources to Support
Modern Mainframe Security

Manage Access Delivers a wide variety of software-based, two-factor authentication credentials to make logins more secure. Read Solution Brief
Manage Privileged Users Reduce the risk of insider threats, from malicious attacks to inadvertent errors. CA Trusted Access Manager for Z helps you stay in complete control of essential enterprise data. Learn More
Determine Access Risk Streamline compliance and auditing efforts. CA Data Content Discovery helps you identify data exposure risks and institute effective measures reduce risk and simplify regulatory compliance. Learn More
Monitor Activity Protect your business, and comply with regulations. CA Compliance Event Monitor can simplify compliance and audits with advanced compliance management and threat detection. Learn More
Cleanup IDs & Authorizations Reduce risk and simplify security administration. CA Cleanup easily automates continuous and unattended security file cleanup ensuring due diligence for information security, protection and privacy. Learn More
Ensure trust and simplify security activities Quickly and easily assess the security posture of your Mainframe. Integrate insights with your SIEM for an enterprise view and develop risk remediation steps on an ongoing and ad hoc basis Learn More