A Mainframe Milestone: Unparalleled Business Value, and Cutting-Edge Advancement

April 8, 2024

Just to be clear–I’m not celebrating my 60th anniversary working on the mainframe or even on the planet! We’re all here to celebrate another milestone: the 60th anniversary of the platform and all those who have brought–and continue to bring–the value of mainframe to life for their organizations and our global society at large.

Now heading into its 7th decade, the mainframe continues to power the world's economy. Of course, when it all started the first mainframe was known as the System/360–offering the fastest computing speed in the world alongside inherent security. Since then, mainframes have kept the world’s economy seamlessly humming over the last six decades while supporting the majority of today’s business transactions.

Mainframe 60 image

There’s a reason (in fact, many reasons) this platform has such immense staying power. And although mainframes are widely known for the business value they offer through unmatched power and performance, what’s often underestimated is how versatile the platform is. From cloud, to generative AI–regardless of industry–the mainframe is a must for the latest advances in IT.

The Mainframe Ecosystem 

It wouldn’t be a mainframe anniversary celebration without acknowledging the ecosystem’s great technologists–from the zealots to the newcomers–who have helped make this platform what it is today and are shaping the future. 

Yes, this platform offers tremendous processing power, inherent security, adaptability, versatility, openness, and more. But the people enable IT advancement–we’re all passionate about the technology, we’re willing to learn from one another, and we listen to outside perspectives to make sure we’re continuously moving the mainframe into the future. 

In fact, this is in large part why our 60th Anniversary Main Scoop podcast features a plethora of the people in the mainframe ecosystem across varying ranges of expertise. There’s no one better to speak to the platform’s greatest strengths than the people who are dedicating their lives to it. 


Mainframe: A Bright Future Ahead

With computing careers becoming more and more accessible, top talent is flocking to the mainframe. The platform is reaching new generations of technologists–offering them opportunities to not only thrive, but grow in their careers. I only expect the platform to gain momentum moving forward.

So, where will we go next as we head into the mainframe’s next decade and beyond? I can’t predict that for certain, but what I can tell you is: Mainframes are not going anywhere.  Better said, they’ll continue to be everywhere.  They’re the foundation of computing, and as they keep growing more powerful and secure as the years pass they’ll continue to be the best choice to effectively process (and protect) the world’s exponentially growing data volumes.

As the world changes, as markets evolve, as digitization becomes increasingly native, mainframes will remain indispensable for business and for society as a whole. With that, here’s to 60 years of partnership, and forward thinking. I’m proud to be part of this mainframe ecosystem alongside all of you, and look forward to seeing where this platform will take us next.

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