Your Mainframe Data Backup Performance Just Hit New Highs

July 11, 2023

Did you know that Broadcom Disk Backup and Restore R14.0 is available and can save you significant CPU time and money?

Big CPU Savings Are Right in Front of You

It’s a fact that data storage teams are highly motivated to optimize CPU usage when running secure backup and recovery processes. So, if you're a current Broadcom Disk Backup and Restore customer looking to reduce CPU for your disk backup and recovery, take action now to upgrade to the latest version (R14.0). Some customers even saw a 70% CPU reduction! This release exploits modern mainframe CPU caching and delivers significant performance enhancements that drastically reduce CPU usage.

As a mainframe storage expert, your focus is probably on CPU utilization to minimize cost, while maximizing customer value. Disk Backup and Restore R14.0 provides a large reduction in CPU, so you’ll want the new benefits from upgrading to the new version.

Best of all, Disk Backup and Restore R14.0 provides these performance improvements without the need to make changes to your environment (for example, parameters, applications, or database conversions). Furthermore, because the solution is batch-based, the performance enhancements also help to reduce your batch window times. We all know how tight these windows can be.

Here’s the best part: Current Disk Backup and Restore customers are entitled to upgrade today at no additional cost.

Contact us About Your Performance Savings

Customers are already validating these performance and CPU results. If you want to run your own validation testing and would like our help, simply reach out to us. Your performance savings will depend on your environment, and we’re happy to work with you to maximize your benefits. Many customers have experienced savings in the double digits. If you run your own validation testing, we’d like to hear from you and learn about your savings.

You can measure your savings by running a job using your current version of Disk Backup and Restore,     and then running the same job (operating on the same amount of data) using R14.0 – then compare the CPU usage and elapsed time metrics. If you would like help setting up and running such a test, please feel free to reach out to Broadcom Support today.

Enjoy the new peak performance levels, and please let us know what you think. Contact us to get started.