Powering Up the Open Mainframe Ecosystem

October 10, 2022

Organizations are constantly in “change mode” to stay healthy and competitive in our rapidly-evolving business landscape. Technology to support this agility requires interoperability across hybrid environments. This is embracing open across mainframe and cloud. At Broadcom, our open-first strategy is why we joined forces with other ecosystem members to establish the Open Mainframe Project (OMP). 

We are fully committed to OMP’s goal of collaboration and open innovation across the mainframe community on both a technical and business level. This includes serving on the governing, advisory, and marketing boards, and leading in contributions to Zowe, the COBOL Working Group, and the Mainframe Open Education initiative. 

To further accelerate community-driven innovation, we are continuing to build on our investment by donating a z15 mainframe system as a new resource for development and training. This will enable the advancement of technology, skills, and integration with this venerable platform. It will provide a space where software developers can find new career opportunities and flourish.

Broadcom's strategy centers on driving open-first approaches and development of standards. With this z15, access for the community is now possible bringing next level benefits:

  1. Scaling the development of intellectual property of the more than 20 current OMP projects to the benefit of all mainframe developers, vendors, and customers
  2. Increasing the opportunity for broader collaboration to create new innovations with other Linux Foundation projects in specific industry verticals such as finance, insurance, or manufacturing.
  3. Raising the awareness and understanding of the mainframe’s core strengths as a powerful, flexible platform. 

For the OMP, and the mainframe ecosystem at large, this will serve as a catalyst for growth and innovation. Broadcom looks forward to continued collaboration with the open community.