Mainframe Insights for Senior Leadership Program

Demystifying the Cost and Benefits of Infrastructure for Business Modernization

A Fireside Chat with best-selling author Kaihan Krippendorff and a panel of experts discussing innovation trade offs made within their organization to ensure an improved and secured business infrastructure.

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Companies have been modernizing for the past 50 years. This evolution is largely driven by customer needs, and businesses that haven’t evolved are most likely extinct; in fact, 52% of Fortune 500 companies that existed in 2000 were unable to evolve quickly enough to survive. Truth be told, modernization is a continuous journey, as opposed to a destination.

The modernization process includes making complex investment tradeoff decisions in product and service innovation. These tradeoffs are expected to lead to improved and secured infrastructure to power business effectively and meet customer needs. But are they really? Evaluating which tradeoffs provide the greatest results raises many questions, for example:

  • What are the business economics related to current and future operations?
  • How can organizations identify key impediments for sustainable, differentiated customer value?
  • Which existing business processes need modernization to complete effectively in the marketplace?

Join best-selling author Kaihan Krippendorff and a panel of experts as they share real-world insights as you traverse the modernization journey.