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    Partnering to Solve Mainframe Skills Shortage

    Broadcom’s Mainframe Vitality Program is an innovative skills development program to cultivate next-gen mainframe talent at low to no cost. Broadcom partners with organizations to attract, grow and retain talent to help manage the mainframe in the hybrid datacenter.

    Meet the Mainframers of the Future
    Hire, train and mentor new talent with Broadcom's Vitality program

    Let Broadcom hire, train and mentor new talent to become part of your Mainframe team.

    When faced with a lean mainframe staff, low budget and dozens of subsystems to manage, it is challenging to make time for training. In addition, key mainframe talent is retiring, and qualified replacements are not readily available.

    Broadcom designed the Vitality Program to leverage our expertise and training assets in partnership with our customers to transfer product, technical, and industry knowledge together to cultivate new mainframe skilled resources.

    How to Get Started

                    Meet the Mainframers of the Future

    A Mainframer Paying it Forward

    I can unashamedly say that my three primary motivators are learning, growth, and money. All three of which are abundant in the tech industry. So if there is one thing I know now, it’s that I really should have switched careers sooner. Hear from Jackson

    How I Transition to a Career in Tech (Mainframe)

    Transitioning to a new career or field is challenging, but think about it — what isn’t? Life itself is a challenge and what makes every day a unique one is the challenges we face in it. Hear from Nicole

    How I Mindset Matters

    April 2019, my interest in technology led me to start my journey at Launchcode in their LC101 class. The first day of class I told myself that I’ll complete this program no matter what and get a job in the technology field. There were tears of frustration and late nights but I was dedicated to understanding programming. Hear from Britaney

    Parlez-vous Mainframe?

    I have never considered myself an IT person. I don’t sit around with my friends debating which graphics card is the best. I’m not coding flashy new apps in my spare time. The only computer I’ve built was a machine that was going to be recycled, and all I did was replace the parts that were failing. So how did I get to where I am today?  Hear from Katie

    From Interviewing Pain to Mainframe Gain

    And so it begins — another day in paradise. As I make my lengthy commute from my bedroom to my office I begin to wonder: “How did I end up here?” I didn’t mean the question to be one regarding the current remote work circumstances, but rather a check-up on how I ended up, for the first time, content in both my personal and professional life. Hear from David

    How I Met Mainframe! Finding Mr. Big Iron

    The Vitality Program team worked out a great plan for my journey at Broadcom, designed to grow and strengthen my knowledge of, and love for, the Mainframe. And wow, Mainframe and I feel lucky to have them as our Matchmakers! Join Malakeh's Cruise Experience

    Journey to Becoming a Mainframer

    Through Broadcom's investment, a Vitality Resident will embark on a multi-dimensional learning journey starting with training on mainframe fundamentals and Broadcom products, with experts mentoring them along the way. Next, they will partner on-site with the customer to learn their environment and unique business applications. Upon completion, the Resident is ready to start their career as a Mainframer.

    The fundamentals of Mainframe

    Mainframe Foundations & Product Training

    Introduction and practice of Mainframe operational language, utilities, concepts and Broadcom product training.
    Mentoring from technical experts drives mainframe adoption!
    Fundamentals & Product Training
    Partnering with technical experts to learn from and lean on.
    Why not - an employee on-site to assist with building your mainframe hybrid-cloud environment...
    On-site Residency
    Fundamentals & Product Training
    At no cost to you, the Resident joins your team to take direction from senior technicians to build knowledge about your environment.
    You are now a mainframer too!
    Ready for Mainframe Career
    Fundamentals & Product Training
    After 4 to 6 months, the Resident is ready to join your team in pursuit of a mainframe career.

    Mainframe Vitality Course Offerings

    Open to both Broadcom Vitality Residents and customer employees

    Mainframe Vitality Program Training Schedule

    Location Course Dates Duration
    North America Mainframe Foundations May 2023 6 Weeks
      System Foundations Programming June 2023 6 Weeks
      Product Training August 2023 4-6 Weeks
      Residency Begins October 2023 3-6 Months
    EMEA Mainframe Foundations August 2023 6 Weeks
      Product Training October 2023 4-6 Weeks

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