Mainframe Consumption Licensing: Value-Based Pricing.

Benefit from a model that gives you the flexibility, transparency, and predictability needed to operate your business and mainframe - on your terms.

Spend Less Time Managing Costs







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Leverage the Value Your Business Offers Your Customers


Align spend with usage; Roll-over unused production hours

  • Eliminate the Rolling 4 Hour Average (R4HA) and the need for capping
  • Based on hourly total z/OS MSUs consumed
  • Roll-over unused MSUs to the next true-up period

Mitigate development and test workload impacts

  • Unlimited App Dev/Test – No penalization for developing on the mainframe

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Move forward on your own terms

  • Simplified terms and conditions to support the programs flexibility and requirements for participating customers

Flexibility to Roll-Over What You Don’t Use

The proliferation of Hybrid Cloud environments creates a more dynamic workload scenario for the mainframe. So, for times where you don’t consume the full baseline, Broadcom has added the flexibility to overcome resource underutilization by rolling over unused MSUs to the next true-up period. Similar to cellular phone plans, unused MSU’s roll over to the next period for consumption within the contract term.
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Be Proactive and Stay Informed

As a Broadcom customer, you can access all of our Beyond Code programs at no cost including:

  • An all-access pass to no-cost mainframe education
  • Expert Change Planning
  • Mainframe Resource Intelligence
  • Software Risk Assessments

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