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Outsmarting the Skilled
Labor Shortage

Exclusive roundtable discussion with a distinguished panel of experts discussing strategies for protecting and growing your most valuable asset…your workforce.

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Meet the Roundtable Speakers

Jennifer McClure CEO & Chief Excitement Officer, Unbridled Talent & DisruptHR

Lauren Valenti Director, Mainframe Education & Customer Engagement, Broadcom

Sujay Solomon Manager, DevOps Product Management, Broadcom Mainframe Software

Ben Feller Former Chief White House Correspondent, The Associated Press

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Baby boomers reaching retirement age, the COVID-19 “Rush to Retirement” and the new "Work from Home" dynamic are just a few of the factors creating the perfect storm, and one thing is for certain, the balance of power has shifted with employees now holding the upper hand.

In this session you will hear the answers to these pressing questions:

  • How did we get to this place? Is this a short-term phenomenon?
  • Are there longer term implications requiring companies to embrace new strategies and models?
  • What can we do to retain and protect skilled workers?
  • How do we replace the skill gaps left when our employees leave?
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