Accelerate your DevOps Journey with a Design Thinking Workshop

A no-cost, tailored, on-site workshop will explore your unique company goals, team roles & responsibilities and the opportunities and risks associated with Mainframe DevOps.

Ready for a Design Thinking Workshop?

Design Thinking Workshop Experience

Design Thinking is a way of working collaboratively to solve problems. It originated in the design community but is an effective method for many kinds of problems, like DevOps adoption, and involves cross disciplinary groups. Over the course of a 1-day collaborative session, with guidance from Broadcom’s DevOps Center of Excellence, you will explore your company’s DevOps challenges, ideate on solutions & develop a realistic, actionable path forward.

Current State Evaluation Identification of present challenges & opportunities associated with Mainframe DevOps and documentation of internal team member personas & responsibilities.
Ideal-State Mapping Ideation around current fears, hopes and risks associated with the adoption of DevOps and alignment on an ideal and realistic future-state vision.
Tailored Roadmap Upon workshop completion, attendees receive a phased roadmap that shows how best to move forward. The report includes quick-wins based on customer priorities, dependencies and proposed timing to reach defined goals.

Navigating Your DevOps Journey

The Design Thinking Workshop is an important tool for DevOps adoption. Explore all of the options available to you, at no-fee.

Explore Design Thinking Workshop

An objective assessment of the DevOps opportunities in your organization.
Prepare Environment Preparation

One or two weeks of technical services to help prepare for DevOps modernization (e.g., z/OSMF, Zowe/CA Brightside).
Learn Hands-On Workshop

Two-day onsite workshop to teach how to automate mainframe AppDev using Zowe, with modern tools like Jenkins, Gulp, Jest & Visual Studio Code.
Prove DevOps Proof-of-Concept

Access to a Zowe expert for a mutually-defined PoC scope to demonstrate feasibility and ROI. The desired outcome is a successful application of Zowe with complementary tooling in your environment.