Broadcom Mainframe Cybersecurity Workshops

Enhance your cybersecurity and compliance journey through complimentary workshops.


Maximize Your Mainframe Security Investment

Your mainframe is already equipped with tools to solve today’s security challenges. The next step is to ensure you’re taking advantage of them to reduce risk, simplify security operations, and attain a level of security far beyond that required by your compliance audits.

Convenient Virtual workshops, from 2 hours up to 10 hours, split across 3-days, based on your availability and convenience.
Tailored Each workshop is customized based on your unique business needs; we meet with only one customer at a time.
No-Cost As a Broadcom customer, you have complimentary access to our mainframe security experts and workshops.

The Broadcom Workshop Experience

Broadcom security workshops will explore your unique company processes with a discussion focused on your Mainframe cybersecurity challenges. Our consulting team, who have decades of experience integrating and operationalizing our solutions, will work with you to improve your cybersecurity strategy while strengthening our partnership.

The key attendees for these workshops are CISO, CISO representative/team, Compliance/Audit Manager, Compliance/Audit Team, Application owners, Manager/Director of Mainframe security, Mainframe security team, and Manager of System Programmers. 

Tangible Outcomes

Here are some of the things you can expect when you participate in our security workshops.

Explore Workshops

continuous monitoring_MSD_icon
Workshop Option 1 Continuous Monitoring Craft a detailed execution plan to monitor and alert your staff and Security Operations Center to critical Mainframe security risks using continuous monitoring. Learn More
data exfiltration_MSD_icon
Workshop Option 2 ESM Configuration Gain awareness and preparation to improve your regulatory compliance and security posture on the Mainframe. Learn More
Workshop Option 3 Managed Mainframe Privileged Users Develop a detailed execution plan to establish comprehensive, just-in-time privileged access for all privileged users on the Mainframe. Learn More

Why Broadcom?

Just like you, we take security seriously and know how important it is to protect your most valuable and sensitive data from new threats. That’s why we are committed to helping our customers accelerate their Security and Compliance journey. Our team of security experts have decades of experience with security and compliance solutions in the world’s largest and most complex networks that we can apply to your unique environment.

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