Shift Operations from Reactive Recovery to Proactive Avoidance

The key to achieving intelligence-driven operational resilience is opening access to data from every element of your hybrid IT environment to provide meaningful and actionable insights that drive trusted automation.

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Introducing the WatchTower Platform™ for Mainframe AIOps

Digital transformation is driving exponential growth of data, transaction volume, and IT complexity. The mainframe is built to handle these growing demands; however, IT operations teams are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up. The WatchTower Platform from Broadcom offers a pragmatic and open architecture approach for combining big data and machine learning with domain expertise to deliver meaningful and actionable insights to incrementally augment and automate your day-to-day operations.

Key Observability Benefits

A pragmatic and outcome-driven approach to AIOps enables you to incrementally augment and automate IT operations to deliver real results. Explore four different case studies below that highlight how the WatchTower Platform can help you become more efficient and achieve operational excellence.


Reduce Manual Efforts

Improving IT ops efficiency by automating tasks such as data correlation, monitoring and reporting

Predict Problems Sooner

Proactively detect issues and automatically trigger corrective action to prevent business impact

Resolution Time Improvement

Reduce time to analyze cause of issues from hours to minutes

Case Studies

Broadcom's WatchTower Platform offers substantial benefits for critical real-world scenarios, empowering you to transition from reactive recovery to proactive avoidance of mainframe IT issues, thereby supporting business continuity and optimizing business performance.

Analyze Data Faster to Discover Hidden Insights and Identify Root Causes With the WatchTower Platform, you get the benefits of AIOps without the need to rip and replace your existing tools. WatchTower integrates, correlates, and analyzes the data you are already collecting so that you can reduce problem recovery times. Learn More
Optimize ROI With Real-Time Prioritization of Real Issues The WatchTower Platform uses machine learning to parse through data from your environment, baseline current operations, and rapidly prioritize alerts according to the relative importance of metrics within your system. These insights enable you to optimize your resource allocation. Learn More
Anticipate Critical Issues Sooner through Intelligence The WatchTower Platform uses embedded machine learning algorithms, specifically trained for mainframes, to mine your data in near real-time for patterns and insights so you can anticipate business impacting issues before they spiral out of control. Learn More
Automate Where Possible to Reduce Manual Effort and Increase Efficiency The WatchTower Platform offers a pragmatic, AI-driven approach that incrementally augments and automates IT operations over time, while building trust every step of the way. Reclaim a significant amount of time for more value-added work. Learn More

The advent of tools like WatchTower, coupled with the integration of OpenTelemetry, opens a new era for mainframe operations. The emphasis on tool unification and open observability frameworks provides a strong foundation for improving mainframe resilience and operational stability.

Steven Dickens Vice President and Practice Leader | The Futurum Group
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[With WatchTower] you have a solid example of net-new development built atop the foundational mainframe bonafides from Broadcom, as well as their continuing commitment to open standards that could benefit users of any of the other major mainframe computing regimes dealing with hybrid cloud concerns.

Jason English Principle Analyst & CMO | Intellyx
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With WatchTower, Broadcom is delivering a highly capable observability platform that provides customers with deeper visibility to manage the complexity of mainframe operations—a potential game changer.

Robert Kramer VP & Principal Analyst | Moor Insights & Strategy
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Solutions like WatchTower that provide comprehensive end-to-end observability are key to overcoming traditional operational constraints. By empowering both mainframe and distributed teams, and enabling closer collaboration between them, these types of solutions allow organisations to embed the mainframe as an integral part of modern hybrid-cloud delivery.

Tony Lock Director of Engagement & Distinguished Analyst | Freeform Dynamics
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The availability of mainframe telemetry in this open observability framework is a huge step forward. Now, organizations can fully observe the end-to-end structure of applications across their entire hybrid cloud, giving them a fantastic window into their overall health. As a result, not only can organizations identify root cause of errors and performance issues much faster, it’s now possible to determine the effect they have on the processing of business transactions.

Cory Minton Field CTO | Splunk
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Break Down the Silos, Reduce the Noise

WatchTower seamlessly correlates and interprets data from multiple sources, making problem identification and resolution much quicker and simpler. It models and analyzes mainframe systems data, so you can anticipate failures based on past patterns, prevent small issues from becoming outages, and proactively manage your operations.

WatchTower integrates AIOps with traditional telemetry to provide a complete picture of mainframe health, and it fosters collaboration among employees of multiple skill levels using the same tools. Start making gains in the short term…and sustainable business transformation in the long run, with Broadcom’s WatchTower Platform.

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The WatchTower Platform for Mainframe AIOps

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A Pragmatic and Open Approach

The Watchtower Platform embeds domain expertise into AIOps to turn your data into meaningful and actionable insights that drive trusted automation. As a Broadcom customer, you may already be entitled to WatchTower’s observability capabilities. Contact us to learn more and begin charting your own journey forward today.