Simplify the Transition to z/OSMF

Broadcom is more committed than ever to your software management experience and assisting in the transition to z/OSMF.

What is the urgency for z/OSMF? Are you ready?

Mainframe vendors have been moving aggressively on packaging products into z/OSMF Software Management Portable Software Instances. In March 2022, Broadcom announced the End of Life (EOL) for Chorus Software Manager (CSM) with an EOL date of June 30, 2023, and going forward, Broadcom plans to invest resources in z/OSMF for software management.

As the z/OS Enterprise transitions to the use of z/OSMF, you will benefit from gaining more z/OSMF product installation and maintenance experience in addition to migrating SMP/E environments into z/OSMF. This will allow you to manage all vendor product maintenance using a single and consistent application. After the migration process completes, you can maintain new z/OSMF software instances using the z/OSMF Software Update function.

Benefits of z/OSMF Migration

Consistently manage software from any vendor
Enable implementation of automation, avoiding the need to have a different expert for every vendor
Simplify onboarding new engineers to your site’s infrastructure team
Work with the same community of users, focusing on the same tool to accomplish a similar goal
Broadcom can assist with z/OSMF software management

Broadcom is here to help


As part of the z/OSMF Expert Change Planning  program, Broadcom Support can help familiarize and assist you with z/OSMF for software management.

We will provide:

  • z/OSMF Training
    • Migrate SMP/E CSIs
    • Product Acquisition
    • Product Installation
    • Product Maintenance
    • Receive Order
    • Create Service Order
  • Consultation/Q&A
We will assist you with:
  • Pre-emptive upgrade calls with Broadcom engineering team
  • Proactive case opening and heightened awareness during your z/OSMF migration
  • Post upgrade health check of environment

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