Accessing Mainframe Virtual Instructor-Led Training Just Got Easier

July 9, 2024

“Where’s the easy button?”

We all remember the catchy office supply store commercials that resulted in an onslaught of viral videos and even physical “easy buttons” being sold to the masses. And, we’ve all encountered tasks and activities where we wish a shiny red easy button would do just the trick... if only!

The good news is that Broadcom offers its mainframe customers an easy button with the Beyond Code Program. This program features great perks that go beyond technology to offer no-cost resources that address barriers such as limited resources, skills development, and more. With the Beyond Code Program, we are here to help you drive new value and optimize your Mainframe experience.

Today, let’s examine how to hit the easy button to register for upcoming no-cost instructor-led training (ILT) courses, which are part of our Beyond Code Program.

Easier Access No-Cost ILT Courses

Based on customer feedback, we’ve made efforts to enhance the overall learning experience with virtual ILT. We’re moving the no-cost ILT class registration to learning@broadcom, our exclusive learning management system (LMS). This move gives you full control and responsibility for your learning journey by consolidating all training activities in one platform.

In other words: Broadcom customers can now enjoy a single learning management platform to consolidate the entire digital learning journey. Now, where did I leave that easy button?

Here are some of the enhancements you can expect:

  • Certificates on demand: Need proof of completion? Easily download your certificates of completion whenever you need them right from learning@broadcom.
  • Centralized access: Access all of your courses, digital badges, and resources from one centralized location, anytime.
  • Seamless registration: Say goodbye to the manual registration process. With Learning@Broadcom, signing up for courses will be easier.
  • Progress tracking: Monitor your learning progress, and keep track of your completed courses and upcoming sessions–all in one place.

“How-to” Resources for Seamless Registration

Allow us to press the easy button for you with the two below guides on how to register for no-cost instructor-led training classes via learning@broadcom.

Learn More

Check Broadcom’s Mainframe Product Training schedule for upcoming classes for Endevor, ESP Workload Automation, CA 7 Workload Automation, Ethical Mainframe Hacking, and more.  Bookmark this site and check it frequently, as we continually add classes to the schedule.  

If your product isn’t being offered for training, don’t fret. Contact us to discuss your training options.

You can also reach out to with any additional questions. Happy learning!