9 Incredible Perks From Broadcom Every Mainframe Shop Should Take Advantage of

June 22, 2023

I love my Amex Platinum card. I get free access to airport lounges, upgrades at Hilton and Marriott properties, over $1,000 dollars in annual credits, and many other perks I’m just now discovering. 

One of those other perks I recently found out about—a free yearly credit of $400 at Upon discovering this goodie, I promptly logged in and purchased a new FitBit. I plan on taking advantage of this every year now to buy other electronic gadgets. Although I already appreciated my Amex card, this new perk made me like it even more. 

This is why we invest so heavily in the mainframe perks we offer through our Beyond Code Program—enabling organizations to build upon today’s IT investments in ways that create even greater value tomorrow.

A Unique Approach to Mainframe Partnership

There are lots of great software tools for the mainframe, whether from Broadcom or our competitors. But the reality is, great technology is often not enough. The perks Broadcom offers are a huge differentiating factor in how we approach partnership and invest in our clients' success with the platform.  

In fact, customers who already leverage our Beyond Code offerings regularly tell us “Every single vendor we speak to talks about partnership, but it wasn’t until we saw the many perks from Broadcom that we realized what a true mainframe partner can offer. That kind of commitment is very meaningful.” 

Because these perks go beyond what technology alone can offer, we call them Beyond Code.

They deliver value for organizations in areas like educating and upskilling the workforce, providing expert guidance and support for change events, uncovering opportunities to boost efficiency or save money, and much more—often at no-cost.

Perks like these matter and unlock additional value. But like with my Amex card, a lot of people aren’t aware of the many perks available to them as Broadcom clients. So with that in mind, here’s a count down of nine incredible perks from Broadcom that every mainframe shop should be taking advantage of: 

  1. Vitality Program: Need skills? No problem! Source new qualified mainframe professionals or upskill existing staff for workforce vitality.
  2. No-Cost Online Education: Access to hundreds of product-based courses for individuals of all skill levels to take at their own pace on the topics that matter most to them.
  3. Mainframe Insights for Executives: Quick-hit virtual sessions with industry leaders to expand your understanding and prowess of the mainframe.
  4. Expert Change Planning: Eliminate risks of downtime and get ahead of your next big change event with a white-glove planning and support engagement to ensure your success. 
  5. Win-No-Fee: Rationalize and simplify your software environment, on our dime, with proven migration tools and expertise to dramatically accelerate time to value.
  6. Design Thinking Workshops: Collaborate on product direction and future solutions to solve your greatest challenges.
  7. Custom MRI Assessments: Quickly scan and analyze your mainframe environment and uncover immediate opportunities to save money, boost efficiency, and reduce risk.
  8. Mainframe Essentials: Just a few clicks will give your teams full visibility of software currency, certificate expirations, maintenance status, end of service dates, and more—so you can effectively de-risk your environment while streamlining system maintenance.
  9. Mainframe Consumption Licensing: Gain full transparency and predictability of your software costs—so you pay only for what is consumed and roll over what’s not – like a cell phone plan with set baseline. On top of that, you'll benefit from use of all Broadcom tooling in your dev and test environment at no additional cost.

A Future-Forward Mainframe Investment

As the world becomes increasingly digital, one thing remains true: Mainframes are the technological heroes in the background needed to make this all possible and keep our digital society humming. In fact, consider the mainframe’s role in processing nearly 90% of all credit card transactions, not to mention the majority of the heavy lifting for airline reservations, banking, healthcare, retail, supply chain systems, and more. No other platform architecture can stand up to the demands of digital—every time and at enormous scale–and match the mainframe in terms of performance, security, and availability.

But the reality is, most of our customers' unmet needs are not technology-related. Which again, is why we invest so heavily in Beyond Code. These perks unlock additional value. With so much riding on the mainframe, our Beyond Code perks begin to seem more like Beyond Code essentials. Not only can they make your mainframe better and your life easier, they’re an active (and often no-cost) investment into your future success, and the mark of true partnership. 

Oh, and these mainframe perks are a whole lot more valuable than the $400 Amex perk I recently took advantage of. The more you know…

As always—and like most things in life—some exclusions and conditions may apply. To learn more about how to take advantage of these perks, contact your account rep or click here.  

Which of these perks are at the top of your list?