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    Achieving and sustaining leadership in today’s market isn’t easy. More than ever there are unprecedented levels of uncertainty and risk. Like most enterprises, your organization probably finds itself confronted with sudden changes, strategic opportunities, and regular reminders that to respond, you need IT services that are agile, secure, and operate at scale. And, they need to be efficient and always available.

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    Broadcom Mainframe Insights for Senior Leadership, co-created by leading experts at Broadcom and Mainframe customers, is a valuable tool to help you harness your Mainframe’s full potential as a strategic asset. It provides insights about how to apply Mainframe strengths to drive positive business outcomes and boost your ROI.

    Understand and address misconceptions that could be undermining your IT planning.

    Learn which workloads
    the Mainframe is uniquely
    matched to handle.

    Grow your Mainframe
    knowledge and harness its
    full power and potential. 


    Latest Session

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    On-Demand Mainframe Webinar Series

    Mainframe Insights for Senior Leadership

    Demystifying the Cost
    and Benefits of Infrastructure for Business Modernization

    On-Demand Session: January, 2022

    The modernization process includes making complex investment tradeoff decisions in product and service innovation. These tradeoffs lead to improved and secured infrastructure to power business effectively and meet customer needs. Join Kaihan Krippendorff and a panel of experts through their modernization journey View On-Demand
    Effectively Outsourcing Mainframe Operations

    Live Session Date:  October 25, 2021

    The mainframe is used to run your organization's mission-critical workloads. In this module we explore the key drivers behind a decision to outsource, detail the cultural impact that this transition can have, and leave you with some crucial considerations depending on the specific outsourcing model that best fits your situation. View On-Demand
    Deciphering Mainframe Licensing

    Live Session Date:  June 16, 2021

    Register for this session and you will learn what you really need to know about Mainframe Licensing in under 30 minutes. We will discuss: How Mainframe software and licensing models work; How to protect your service levels; How to optimize for consumption and cost and much more... View On-Demand
    Operational Excellence

    Live Session Date:  May 5, 2021

    One of the biggest challenges is supporting innovation while also keeping the business running at peak performance. View this 45-minute session to learn the secrets to running your mainframe, so that your IT staff is prepared with the experience, tools, training and discipline to protect your business IT. View On-Demand
    Mainframe Security: Superior protection for your most crucial business assets

    Live Session Date:  March 24, 2021

    When we think about the mainframe we think about security because it is hard to argue with the fact that the mainframe is the most securable IT platform. But a secure mainframe doesn’t happen automatically. Mainframe security needs to be understood, configured and maintained as part of your total enterprise security strategy. And it is important that we take advantage of the large portfolio of modern security capabilities if we are to continue to deliver the level of protection that we have been used to, and that today demands, on the mainframe. This session will provide an overview of the key mainframe security capabilities, how these capabilities compare to security on distributed platforms, how the mainframe can deliver a superior level of protection for your businesses, and how it integrates into your enterprise security. View On-Demand
    Accelerating Application Innovation

    Live Session Date:  January 12, 2021

    The Mainframe contains your business' most critical data and applications executing your mission-critical workloads. DevOps and Agile have successfully transformed distributed software development and, in this session, you will learn how they are transforming the Mainframe environment too, accelerating software delivery to meet new business needs while increasing productivity through automation. Learn how the Mainframe is driving the next-generation of business. View On-Demand
    Mainframe Hybrid Cloud

    Live Session Date:  December 8, 2020

    This session introduces you to a typical Mainframe cloud environment and helps map concepts and terminology to clouds built with other architectures. You’ll explore hybrid cloud as well as Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud. Lastly, you’ll examine workload characteristics and a variety of common use patterns such as Asynchronous and RESTful Services. View On-Demand
    Business Impact of Today's Mainframe

    Live Session Date:  August 20, 2020

    This new program will grow your understanding of the Mainframe and help you identify the vital workloads it is uniquely matched to handle so you can keep pace with evolving customer expectations and key boardroom topics like: Overcoming barriers to modernization and innovation; Best approaches to address cybersecurity and customer trust; Exploring how to expose new value through integration. View On-Demand

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    Mainframe Foundations e-Book


    This interactive e-Book will introduce you to common Mainframe foundational concepts. Statistics show that the world’s leading businesses across all industries rely on the Mainframe. As digital transformation in the app economy continues to grow, we expect Mainframes to continue dominating the landscape of large-scale business computing where sophisticated security, availability, resiliency, and scale are vital.

    After completing this e-Book, you will be able to identify: 
      • What is the Mainframe
      • The Mainframe's Operating System
      • The Mainframe Middleware
      • The Virtualization of the Mainframe
      • Data Sets in the Mainframe
    View e-Book