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Mainframe Observability with the WatchTower Platform™

Tune in with Nicole Fagen, Director R&D, AIOps and Automation, as she hosts a thought-provoking conversation with industry experts on real-world use cases of the WatchTower™ Platform





Business Impact of Today’s Mainframe

Explore the vital role of mainframes with Hock Tan, President and CEO of Broadcom, and Greg Lotko, SVP and General Manager of Broadcom Mainframe Software Division. Gain insights on maximizing mainframe value and see real-world customer successes.





Business Agility and Skills: Application Development on the Mainframe

Join Per Kroll, Senior Director, R&D, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division as he as he navigates common themes around AppDev on the mainframe such as talent and enabling business agility with risk-managed modernization.





Deciphering Mainframe Licensing

Join David Stokes, Sr. Director Engineering, Data Management for an informative briefing on Mainframe licensing models and how you can take practical steps to optimize consumption and cost within your organization.





Mainframe Cybersecurity: What Every Leader Needs to Know

In this short video, Ravi Patil, Director, Product Management & Strategy, explains Mainframe cybersecurity in simple terms and recommends an effective approach for protecting your company.





A Data Storage Revolution is Here

Tune in with Perry Jones, Product Manager, to gain insight on how you can solve your most challenging Mainframe data storage, administration, and security challenges with CA 1 Flexible Storage.





Decoding the Mainframe Skills Gap: Vitality POV

Join Sephora Thurel, a Broadcom Vitality Program graduate, and David Bond, Principal Client Services Management, for an inside scoop of the Vitality Program and a discussion on actionable steps to create a resilient Mainframe workforce for your organization.




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