Broadcom Acquires HostBridge Technology to Accelerate Application Integration and Mainframe Modernization.

August 2, 2022

Broadcom announces the addition of robust application modernization capabilities to our mainframe software portfolio through our acquisition of HostBridge Technology. For more than 20 years, HostBridge has helped organizations across a wide range of industries integrate existing IT investments with emerging applications to create greater value. Through this acquisition, we now offer our clients a new set of proven solutions that power API creation and orchestration on the mainframe. 

Modernization is the key for business success, providing organizations the ability to deploy core business services to a growing number of cloud, web, and mobile platforms. HostBridge’s API creation software fuels modernization initiatives, empowering businesses to accelerate their application development while preserving and integrating their investment in existing core business applications – those that have been consistently delivering value over time. It’s a model that enables businesses to keep pace with rapidly evolving market demands while saving them time and money. 

Bringing HostBridge’s innovative solutions into our portfolio is another way we are delivering on our commitment to partner with clients in ways that amplify the value they get from their IT investments. Businesses are looking for ways to streamline integration of their mainframe with their hybrid cloud. HostBridge’s powerful integration software makes that easier than ever by enabling rapid development of APIs using modern DevOps processes.

This approach aligns with our dedication  to open APIs, command line interfaces, and other modern open-source technologies – what we call Open-first. The strength and flexibility of this model creates growing opportunities for our clients to modernize-in-place. The results are compelling. By unleashing the value of mission-critical applications through business-oriented APIs, mainframe teams fuel digital transformation and improve business agility.  

The benefits HostBridge’s pioneering integration technologies offer businesses take many forms. They enable teams to easily analyze, integrate, optimize, and modernize applications without screen-scraping or modifying their business-critical applications. API-enabling applications also opens the door to exciting innovations including:

  • Hybrid Cloud integration with various web and mobile technologies
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with bot-driven processes 
  • Containerization for microservice architectures
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) learning algorithms

Empowered with a world of integration possibilities, teams can reimagine the role these apps, and the mainframe, play in critical corporate initiatives, giving rise to opportunities ranging from new customer experiences to entirely new lines of business.

HostBridge’s CEO and co-founder, Russ Teubner, said, “HostBridge is delighted to join Broadcom’s Mainframe Software Division. Our shared vision for accelerating developer productivity and easing hybrid cloud integration provides the cornerstone for businesses to modernize-in-place. Now, with our combined capabilities and technical excellence, our clients can enjoy enhanced opportunities to gain even greater value from their trusted mainframe resources.”

We’ve already opened the mainframe to contemporary developer tooling like VS Code, Git and DevOps pipelines. With this announcement, we’re now opening mainframe business logic and data to API-enablement, another key element of modernization.

With the HostBridge solution, developers work the way they want with easy-to-consume documents, shielded from the underlying technical complexity and free from tightly-coupled, brittle integrations. These APIs can easily extend and scale to support the most demanding scenarios and business needs while orchestrating across a great number of consumers including live users (customers, partners, internal users) and automations (bots, scripts and macros).

Client developers rapidly produce business-oriented APIs that improve developer productivity and are less chatty. This significantly reduces MIPS consumption, allowing a more efficient and cost-effective means of advancing your digital transformation.

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