When Milliseconds Matter

April 12, 2021


How do you measure a moment in time?
We don’t often think of evaluating our time in split-secondsbut in some cases we should. The science of defining a moment is debatable, but let’s say it’s roughly equivalent in time to processing a human thought. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 milliseconds. (Yes, I did Google that.) And in competitive sports, a moment is all it takes to make history. In those 100 milliseconds legends are made, dynasties are born ... magic happens!
Take Formula 1 racing. Drivers pit for a planned one to two seconds. The pit stop provides a critical edge over their competition. And if it doesn’t go well, the team won’t find the winner’s circle. Period.
A typical Formula 1 pit crew is around 21 people, including the driver. Each member of the team has a specialized role and extraordinary tools designed to keep a high performance machine running at its peak. Racing is truly a team sport. And when a crew leader calls you in, every millisecond matters. The driver knows that better than anyone. The car, crew, and the right set of tools all come together to deliver those critical moments that are the key to victory.
Apply that to the world of mainframe. A typical business transaction, like an ATM withdrawal, a credit card swipe, or stock trade happens in plus or minus about 100 milliseconds. While that time can vary widely depending on the transaction type and what I/O operations are required, time itself is always of the essence. You need technology that can stand up to the exacting demands of those transactions every time and at enormous scale. The bottom line is no other platform architecture can match the scale of mainframes in terms of performance, security and availability in play.
Mainframe is like a Formula 1 race car. A high performance machine that takes the right team and set of tools to run at the highest levels and get the most value out of the technology.
For example, just like race cars are outfitted with software, sensors and streaming data to help the team optimize performance, mainframes handle the extraordinary scale of modern data with AI, machine learning and predictive modeling so your business can move with the speed of data-based certainty and efficiency, not just hunches.
In other words, it takes modern tools for businesses to do very high value work efficiently. And efficiency directly correlates to favorable economics for the business. Doing more work per unit of cost better with better response time, integrity, and uptime than your competition puts you ahead at the finish line.
That’s where Broadcom makes the difference. With software and tools that make mainframes growl like a Formula 1 race car leaving pit row for the track. And a team of experts working side-by-side with our customers to help them gain greater value from their investments.
If you want confidence and performance, having Broadcom partner with the IT experts in your pit crew can be the difference. It’s a partnership you can count on. One that views technology as just the beginning. Broadcom is committed to going the extra mile with value programs well beyond the code we provide so that you can get the most out of your mainframe. We amplify value for your business. So get your mainframe engine revving. It’s race time!
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