Broadcom Tooling at No-Cost For Dev/Test Now Extended to IBM Cloud

March 8, 2022

Who doesn’t like choice?  

Broadcom recognizes organizations are continually looking to modernize and develop new applications. Moreover, they must do so quickly and efficiently, often across different technology platforms involving existing and new applications. Getting the most value from these efforts means you have to develop, test, and deploy these applications where and when it makes the most sense to the business - and on your terms. Choice, in this context, is a necessity more than a luxury.

We welcome IBM’s  recent announcement on their initial plans to deliver a dev/test IBM Z-as-a-service offering – and we support a vibrant ecosystem of open solutions for all enterprises. This flexibility is essential for organizations pursuing modernization and looking to leverage hybrid approaches.      

To that end, Broadcom is excited to extend the scope of our Mainframe Consumption Licensing (MCL) program for application development and testing in the IBM Cloud. This allows clients the additional freedom to take advantage of unlimited use of Broadcom tools in this new development and test environment, and at no additional cost. That's right, no additional cost. More choice. No barriers.

MCL provides organizations with a cloud-like consumption model where you pay for what you use, rather than a full capacity or rolling 4-hour average construct. Just like your mobile plan, MCL lets you rollover any unused capacity during your next “true-up” period, providing an unprecedented level of agility.

Innovation happens when you build and deploy new apps. Without MCL, you are charged when developing on the mainframe since those workloads consume valuable MIPS, thus contributing to an artificially inflated view of production usage. The MCL plan can exclude application development and test utilization so you are truly paying just for production consumption.

See how Broadcom's Mainframe Consumption Licensing gives you the freedom to do Dev/Test on your own terms.


What this means is that clients now have the freedom and flexibility to leverage these tools on-premise and also in the IBM Cloud. They can build, test, and run their applications where and when it matters most to their business. This aligns directly with our ongoing strategy to make mainframe DevOps and licensing hybrid-cloud “friendly.”

To learn more about these exciting opportunities, reach out to me or any of our other experts. Or, visit our MCL web page for more information and an FAQ.

We're here for you, anytime or anywhere.

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