Empower Your Mainframe Journey: Learn, Network, and Thrive

April 17, 2023

Our team at Broadcom takes immense pride in collaborating with our exceptional customers and partners to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles in IT. Tangible examples of this are the annual Mainframe Technical Exchanges (MTEs). When I attended my first MTE, I was amazed at the level of engagement between developers, product teams, user experience experts, customers, and partners - all working together to solve similar issues.

Attendees not only hear the latest updates on Broadcom solutions and new capabilities, but get a chance to know the people developing those solutions. Customers explain why certain features help them in their role or what could be done to make them even more beneficial or easy to use.

And they have fun, too! At the in-person MTEs, some of the most valuable interactions happen outside of the sessions - at meals, on a break, or after sessions have completed. This is where attendees get to know each other, share insights, and figure out how to tackle challenges together. And those relationships and conversations continue well beyond the event through follow-up discussions, design thinking workshops, and more.

The virtual MTE format is also a great opportunity to learn and interact with our teams remotely, or view sessions on-demand following the event.

If you’re new to MTE, or wondering if it’s worth attending, then this article is for you. Here’s a look at what you will gain from this incredible gathering of mainframe professionals.

What is the Mainframe Technical Exchange?

MTE is a no-cost technical education conference that offers unparalleled opportunities for mainframe learning, networking, and knowledge-sharing. Since its inception in 2015, mainframe professionals from around the world have participated and returned year after year. The in-person events started in Broadcom development labs and quickly became so popular that we have moved them to larger venues near our labs. Based on attendees’ input, we continue to focus on making the technical content and “exchange” that takes place between attendees and our teams the priority. 

Attending an MTE provides you direct access to experts and your peers in an informal and educational environment, adding immense and immediate value to your professional development and knowledge base. 

Many of our customers have experienced the benefits firsthand.

" A great way to get news about Broadcom products."
—Carina Holmqvist, HCL

" A large number of sessions which were pertinent to my areas of interest."
—Simon Breeze, HSBC

"Attended a great overview of Ansible that will help me interact better with those deploying Ansible in our environment." 
—Robert Johns, Ensono

At an MTE, you’ll enjoy a wide range of how-to sessions, product roadmaps, demos, hands-on labs, and more. The experience is tailored to help you get the most out of your mainframe environment and ensure that you stay at the forefront of the industry's most important trends and technologies.

Who is the Mainframe Technical Exchange for? 

This event is an ideal opportunity for all Broadcom customers and partners. Whether you're a seasoned mainframe expert, a newcomer to the platform, or you're looking to help cultivate the next generation of mainframe talent, this event offers insights that can be put into practice as soon as you're back at work, and contacts you can reach out to for assistance.

What to Expect from Mainframe Technical Exchange Sessions

The MTE format and content is designed to provide insight into product roadmaps and comprehensive technical education, while also covering important general topics such as Ansible, APIs, z/OSMF, and Zowe. With an abundance of how-to and roundtable sessions, the event is tailored to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in your role. Another integral component of MTE is the opportunity to share your feedback with Broadcom, enabling you to shape the future of the products you rely on daily.

You’ll also find a wide range of sessions at MTE in areas such as product updates, the transition to z/OSMF software management, deep-dives on OPS/MVS, securing Session Manager, TPX tips for optimized usage, and more. 

Whether you're looking for a high-level overview or a deep dive into a specific subject, MTE has something for everyone. I can’t wait to see you there!

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