The Well Being of Your Mainframe Applications

April 13, 2021


Health. Safety. Relationships. These are the things that will have proven to matter as we start to gain perspective in a post-pandemic world. In terms of what we have learned at a personal level, all of us have been forced to come to terms with "the new reality" in our lives. But what has the pandemic taught us from a business context?

Anyone who has been in the IT industry for any length of time has come to understand the importance of the Mainframe, which continues to serve as the bedrock for today's modern, digital, always-on worldwide economy. The digital revolution has created a world where stability matters. Where reliability is a given. Where availability is expected. And, as this world has evolved, the value of the Mainframe has stood the test of time. So what does the pandemic have to do with the Mainframe? - Sustenance.

An investment in the Mainframe goes beyond the electricity that powers it, or the frame that houses it - it extends to the applications that run on it. This is where the Mainframe provides real value. As the pandemic unfolded, many of us in the Mainframe space witnessed something that quite frankly we already knew. That the Mainframe and its ability to take on additional workload were unparalleled as compared to "other machines" running in the Enterprise Data Center. One of our Broadcom Mainframe Software clients vividly recalled during a recent discussion that their distributed servers were popping like popcorn as one by one they were unable to handle the increased load brought on by the economic dynamics of the pandemic. Mainframe applications are what matters. Caring for your Mainframe applications is what matters.

At Broadcom, we’ve seen many re-platforming efforts fail and, in the process, prove quite costly in dollars and business impact. You should modernize your applications and the processes and tools around them - but leave them in place. Making this decision even more appealing is the fact that, by embracing an open approach, it’s easier than ever to integrate across technologies with Mainframe. Without the need for rewriting or duplicating code. And without moving to a different platform. This allows you to reduce risk and continue to benefit from the value that the Mainframe generates for your business.

Broadcom Mainframe DevOps solutions support exactly this value proposition. Modernization. Whether that means modernizing your application code backed by the decades of value provided by our CA Endevor solution. Or modernizing your team's delivery processes with the help of open interfaces from the Open Mainframe Project Zowe initiative, which enables you to integrate the same DevOps tooling that has proven valuable in the distributed or cloud universes. Or modernizing the development environment that your application development teams use to edit, compile, and debug application code for the Mainframe, based on the wildly popular Visual Studio Code platform.

Take care of your Mainframe applications. They matter. Broadcom is here to help.

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