CA Databases are "Open" for Business

May 10, 2021



At the end of the day, our goal at Broadcom is to help our customers build on the strengths of the mainframe and CA Databases (CA IDMS™ and CA Datacom®) to evolve the platform to meet today’s business needs. By taking an open-first approach to become more automated and optimized, we empower organizations to leverage their existing investments. CA Databases are “Open” for Business!

Broadcom has taken bold steps investing to create a sustainable workforce through the Broadcom Vitality Program offering to attract, grow, and develop a skilled workforce of the future for CA Databases. In addition to the Vitality Program, we continuously evaluate solutions that modernize the mainframe and our databases, executing upon customer-centric needs to help shape our product strategy. Focusing on innovations that promote simplified, open, and automated capabilities provide the opportunity to leverage modern access to existing investments in mission critical systems.  

APIs and the Zowe Open Source Project help make this a reality 

APIs foster easier and broader uses for our databases and ultimately help fuel productivity at all levels. They are key in our efforts to:

  • Open up and make our databases more extensible through the use of APIs and services. We are promoting application modernization by further enabling all types of integrations (data, apps, and services) from mobile to mainframe, including flexibility around modern/open source tooling.  
  • Simplify and automate everyday user experiences, making it easier for ALL levels of users to maintain existing applications, build new applications, and manage the ongoing health of mission critical mainframe systems. Developers and Administrators new to the mainframe become proficient and productive sooner by leveraging modern interfaces and tooling of choice to work in a familiar environment.
  • Increase optimization by leveraging machine learning and analytics to identify trends and potential problems. Through analytics, our customers can become more proactive rather than reactive in addressing problem areas before they impact the business – both operationally and financially.  

The Zowe Open Source project for the mainframe enables everyone to participate. Zowe enables customers to securely develop and manage applications like any other cloud-based platform, helping to sustain the mainframe environment by attracting and retaining next generation talent. The Zowe community offers a great opportunity for mainframers who have similar goals and objectives to get involved and participate in developing solutions that benefit all users. 

Being open, automated, and optimized through the use of  Zowe, APIs, and modern/open source tooling, we become more agile on the mainframe.

Zowe and APIs can help by making the mainframe, and in essence the experience with our databases, more “cloud-like.” They enable modern interfaces and automation solutions to integrate with the z/OS mission critical data that fuels our customers businesses. Modernization possibilities are endless… 

How can you Learn More?

Our CA IDMS and CA Datacom REST APIs are Zowe Conformant and can be integrated with Zowe or can run standalone. These system-based APIs provide database users the ability to quickly and easily access data to analyze system issues and automate processes and alerts to create intelligent recommendations for tuning.  For more information, see our CA IDMS and CA Datacom white papers. 

At Broadcom we continue to provide high-performance, scalable, and reliable database management systems that manage high-volume, mission critical workloads for IBM® z Systems®. Coupled with innovations that promote simplified, open, and automated capabilities, customers gain the opportunity to leverage modern access to existing investments in mission critical systems.

From a technological perspective, that means taking an open-first approach to become more automated and optimized. REST assured, CA Databases are “Open” for business!  

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